Purgatory Ski and Snowboard Event and Travel Registration


The Purgatory Ski and Snowboard Teams will occassionally travel to various locations throughout the Rocky Mountain and Southern Region to compete in Race Events. Travel to events will typically require "travel fees" to help cover costs for gas, lodging, food coaches fees and so on. The cost for travel is not always the same from one event to the next.

To register for and pay travel fees for your athlete, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit the Athletes last name and Date of Birth used when you registered for the Team
  2. This will pull up the list of events for each team. Select the Team and the Event you are registering for.
  3. Payments can be made electronically using:

    or sending a check to:
    Purgatory Ski Team
    P.O. Box 4104
    Durango, Colorado 81302

Enter the last name and birthdate of the Athlete you are registering for Travel:

Athlete First Name:
Athlete Last Name:
Athlete Birthday:

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